Warm Air Heating Systems

Johnson & Starley – Economaire range

Johnson & Starley Economaire

If you have a warm air boiler or a Johnson and Starley boiler we are the company that you need to be dealing with. SWN plumbing have extensive experience of installing and servicing Warm Air Boilers and Heting systems and have attended all the latest seminars on these products to keep up to date with all the latest specifications.

If you have an old Johnson and Starley in your home there are brand new much more modern and more efficient warm air boilers that will save you plenty of money on your heating and gas bills – guaranteed. We can provide the very best service in Warm Air technology.

Warm air heating systems are quick and easy to install, with installations taking from 1-2 days. This means a lot less disruption and a lot less mess for the customer.

Johnson and Starley have just released their new condensing range of warm air heating products. You have plenty of options that we can discuss with you beforehand and we will also explain just how efficent and cost effective this option can be for you. For further information, visit:  http://www.johnsonandstarley.co.uk


Quantec range boiler Quantec

The range sets new standards in high efficiency¬†condensing boiler technology. All models feature a Giannoni isothermic stainless steel heat exchanger and, for the HR28C model, full condense technology with it’s in-built passive flue gas heat recovery (PFGHR).

Full condense (PFGHR) technology increases energy savings of up to 26% over a typical water heater in the market and the HR28C model gives domestic hot water (DHW) efficiency levels not reached before, achieved with the addition of pre-heating sanitary water function which results in the lowest possible flue gas temperatures. Lower flue temperatures reduce the plume to a minimal level on all models


  • QuanTec 24c Combi 24kW
  • QuanTec 30c Combi 28kW
  • QuanTec HR 28c Combi 28kW
  • with Integral PFGHR Passive
  • Flue Gas Heat Recovery as standard.
  • QuanTec 24s System 24kW
  • QuanTec 16r Regular 16kW
  • Quantec 24r Regular 24kW


Aquair range of Heat Interface Units

AquairAquair is a water to air heat exchange unit with a heat output of 10, 16 and 20kW (assuming a hot water supply of 80C is available).

Available as either an upflow or downflow unit with modulating control incorporated. With a mesh filter fitted as standard, a Cleanflow electronic air cleaner being available as an option. The unit requires a supply of hot water at a minimum temperature of 80C. Water connections are top left or right handed through knockouts in the sides of the cabinet. Air is drawn in through the air filter or air cleaner (if fitted) and the heat exchanger by a centrifugal fan, and is discharged through the opposite end of the unit. An external summer air circulation switch (not provided) provides the facility to supply unheated air to the air outlets during warm weather. An external timer (not provided) will be required if it is necessary to set the periods of operation.

Find out more at the Johnson & Starley website.


Cleanflow Air Cleaner

When your air heater is operating on maximum load, all of the air within the dwelling passes across the air filter 6 times per hour. This presents the perfect opportunity to electronically clean the air and remove smaller particles such as pollen, mould and cigarette smoke.


The Cleanflow principle is simple and highly effective. It works by polarising the filter media and thereby the particles are attracted to it. Any particles that are not caught by the media have no polarised charge, so will not adhere to soft furnishings or walls and will be caught on subsequent passes.

The electronic screen is charged and in turn polarises the filter media. Particles are then attracted to, and captured within the media pads. Cleanflow will remove 95% of particles down to 1 Micron.

The illustration below shows various particles magnified 1000 times.

95% down to 1 micron

particles diagram