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Johnson And Starley

As a market leader in providing energy efficient heating and ventilation solutions, Johnson & Starley has an impressive portfolio of products. These include QuanTec gas boilers with PFGHR (passive flue gas heat recovery), and the new WarmCair range of high efficiency condensing Warm Air Heaters.

With environmental issues and climate change an important factor, we have developed a range of HIU (Heat Interface Units) available with or without domestic hot water.

An extensive range of ventilation products, including mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, passive ventilation and extract ventilation providing a solution for every application.

Johnson and starley Warm Air Heating systems are quick and easy to fit. With installations typically undertaken in just one day this means there is minimal disruption to the homeowner as the work is confined to the heating compartment area and there are no floor boards to lift or pipework to run that would be associated with a wet system installation.

With an extensive range of Warm Air Heaters, all suitable for upgrades and new build, we are confident that we can replace any existing gas fired domestic Warm Air Heater with one from either our Hi-Spec, Economaire or the brand new Condensing WarmCair range of heaters.

The all new WarmCair range of condensing Warm Air Heaters, available with or without (DHW) Domestic Hot Water are suitable for Domestic and Commercial applications

With Cutting edge technology, cutting down your fuel bills

Our comprehensive range of Gas fired boilers now include the new Super-Efficient QuanTec boiler range, available with Passive Flue Gas Heat Recover (PFGHR)* built into a standard size boiler, plus ‘Cool Door’ technology making it possibly the most efficient boiler in the world.

Johnson & Starley Gas Boilers, setting the standards for others


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