Winter proof your home with help from SWN Plumbing

While the cold months may still be far off, it would be wise to winterize your home early to ensure that it’s ready to take the worst the season has to offer. That way, you and your family can have a great time despite the chilly weather. DIY blogger David Brothers on offers some tips you and your Bristol plumber can work on.

Most Effective Home Winterization Tips

Service your boiler
Regardless of what energy source your boiler or furnace runs on, these devices need regular tune-ups to deliver heat efficiently. An oil boiler needs to be cleaned up on an annual basis; while gas boilers can work for up to two years without tune-ups. Having your furnace tuned up by personnel from a professional outfit such as SWN Plumbing will not only extend the service life of your heating system, but also save on energy consumption. Clean furnaces run much more smoothly than dirtier ones.

Replace windows
It’s advisable to replace old windows with more energy-efficient variants in the market. However, this may be a project you might want to put on hold until you have the budget. To improve the efficiency of your windows without spending as much, get a window insulation kit. These are readily available at hardware stores, are inexpensive, and help reduce heat loss. Add weatherstripping to your windows, and remove window air conditioners for maximum heating potential.

Seal heat leaks
Summer and autumn are the best seasons to spot heat leaks because the wind and daylight help a lot in directing you to these problem areas. Brothers recommends looking through dark crawlspaces, closets, attics, and rooms above the garage for gaps through which heat may escape, and seal them with a can of spray foam. Cover up your fireplace if you don’t intend to use it for the winter because it can be passage for heat loss, and ingress of cold air.

Insulate water pipes
When you schedule an appointment with your plumber for Bristol boiler repair, ask him to insulate your water pipes, as well. Both hot and cold water pipes must be insulated to prevent heat loss. On a night below freezing, the pipes could freeze and burst because from brittleness if water is allowed to freeze inside them. Pre-molded foam sleeves are available in many hardware stores; but ask your plumber for recommendations.

Nobody wants to worry about bursting pipes and faulty boilers during winter. As winters could grow even colder and fiercer, maintaining your heating systems becomes even more important. Get a professional to inspect and maintain your boilers and plumbing long before the autumnal equinox arrives.