Improving your Boiler Efficiency with a little Help from a Bristol Plumber…

The Guardian released a report on their website last September 19, 2013 which covered the number of green deal assessments implemented during the month of August; worryingly, fewer people had signed on to the government’s plan to lend loans for people to improve their home energy efficiency compared to previous months. Several problems have been cited as the reason why numbers have dipped, such as how unattractive the loans were, and their high interest rates. Officials remain hopeful, however:

John Alker, at the UK Green Building Council, said: “Green deal numbers are edging in the right direction but the scheme still needs a shot in the arm. If ever there was a time for Treasury to bring forward tax incentives to encourage energy efficiency, it is now.” Alker said lower rates of council tax and stamp duty should be considered for homes taking up green deals.

Ministers have already committed £200m to giving people incentives to take up the green deal and 8,400 cashback vouchers have been issued so far, worth a total £2.5m. Virtually all were for boiler replacements, rather than loft or wall insulation.

It’s interesting to note that most households used their cashback vouchers for boiler replacement. Boilers are indispensable during cold days, since they can provide warmth and a hot bath. For households that simply can’t afford to participate in the green deals just yet, they can have their boiler repaired by a skilled plumber in Bristol.

Boilers play a central role in determining the energy efficiency of a home, since they expend tremendous amounts of energy to provide warmth. Naturally, homeowners will want their boilers to consume less energy;, age, however, can dampen these devices. Eventually, the appliance will lose much of its heating power, yet it will still consume the same amount of energy to run.

This is why boiler repair in Bristol from companies like SWN Plumbing can save households from having to spend too much. By repairing the appliance, its heating efficiency can be restored. Homeowners should consider calling in a contractor if they feel like their boiler isn’t as warm as it used to be.